Welcome to Star Chapter 230, Orange County. Let's Ride!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be a current member of the STAR Touring and Riding Association also?
A. Yes. You must be a current member of the STAR Touring and Riding Association before you can become a member of any Chapter.

Q. Do I have to own a Yamaha to Join your chapter?
A. No. Although STAR is the official Yamaha recognized owners riding association, we welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts who seek to promote our mission. You can ride any brand of motorcycle. If you are willing to uphold the chapter charter and meet the minimum requirements we welcome anyone.

Q. Do I have to participate in every meeting and ride to be a member?
A. No. You only need to participate as often as you can to be a member. For voting purposes, you will need to participate at least 40% of the time for voting privileges.

Q. How often does the Chapter meet?
A. Our Chapter meetings are held before and as part of our chapter rides. Our chapter Rides are on the first Saturday of each month. Destinations are posted on the Our Rides page and on the Chapter Upcoming Events (On the Home Page). Weather permitting.

Q: Why should you ride staggered in a group?
A: Safety issues - There are many unforeseen conditions that can arise while riding such as: Animals, vehicles failing to yield right of way, debris on the road, unexpected debris falling into your lane, oil spots, gravel, sand and more. Riding staggered gives each biker time and space to react to the potential unexpected mishaps without compromising or endangering the safety of his/her fellow bikers in the group. For additional information go to our Ride Safety pages.

Q: Why is riding in a group safer than alone?
A: The more visibility and number you have on the road the safer you are around other vehicles. More noise from pipes also calls attention that something out of the norm is near to approaching vehicles not always watching for others. Visibility includes flags, clothing, lights and more. The best offense is a good defense.

Q: Why do most bikers have loud pipes?
A: To be heard by other vehicles whether riding as a group or solo. Most motorists are not keenly aware of motorcycles unless they themselves have one. It can be and has been considered a form of "secondary" safety, similar to reflective "Hi-Visibility" tape as seen on big rigs. However, reflective tape HAS been scientifically proven to provide more visibility, whereas loud pipes has NOT been PROVEN to save lives.

Q: How should I ride with a group?

A: 1st- never ride over your personal comfort zone no matter what.
  2nd- always be alert, scanning front to back and side to side for the unexpected obstacles, other vehicles, and other bikers.
  3rd - watch for everything as you would if riding solo.
  4th- watch for hand signals given first by the Road Captain and passed back through the group to the Tail Gunner at the end.
  5th- leave a 2 second space between yourself and the next biker in front of and opposite side of your bike (stagger).
  6th- learn and use all appropriate hand signals.
  7th- relax and keep your speed down and the rpm's up to ensure good traction on your back tire. Otherwise you can low side your bike when cornering.
  8th- Curves should be taken one bike at a time whether in stagger or single file formation to allow enough radius for each bike to turn.
  Example: A V-Star & Venture usually will sweep wide while leaning and a Road Star will usually lean some but mostly steer. Other bikes also have different cornering characteristics different from your own so keep this in mind.

Q: Why do you have rules and bylaws?
A: To protect you and other members, our children riding, and grandchildren's safety. To protect our association members from bikers who don't practice safe responsible biking. To promote a positive image and family friendly environment to our members. To unite and unify our association nationally and worldwide toward the same mission statement. We are family ! To promote STAR in a unified manner while setting an example in our respective communities and helping others less fortunate than us.

Q: Must I purchase a vest or patches?
A: No. This is optional. However it shows your support, pride and enthusiasm for our association, chapter and to the public that you are helping to promote our unified mission. There are guidelines to follow on how to wear them for unification.

Q: How will I be judged as a potential member wanting to join your chapter?

A: 1st- Your riding style and ability to ride safely in a group without jeopardizing the safety of others.
  2nd- Are you STAR quality. [See below what we mean] 3rd- Your willingness to participate in chapter events.

Q: I have never ridden with a group, can I still join?
A: Yes. You will be afforded at least 3 opportunities to ride with us on a trial basis before being considered for membership in this chapter. You will also be partnered with one of our experienced veteran member "Shepherd" to help you learn the ropes. You may also receive extra help from other chapter members to bring you up the speed, enhance your comfort zone, exchange tips and tricks for a particular bikes features and more. This is to ensure both your safety and those of our members. When we all ride safely, we can return to ride again and again as a group and continue to enjoy each others fellowship.

Q: I just bought my 1st motorcycle ever, will your chapter teach me to ride?
A: No. We can give you tips, tricks, pointers, stories and more from our experiences solo or as a group about riding safely. We do not have the expertise, time or formal training to operate a school for new riders. We suggest that you contact the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation). They offer courses on how to ride with highly qualified trainers. Once you have completed this course, your license will be issued. In fact, taking the course will get you an extra discount on motorcycle insurance with most companies.

Star Quality

 S Safe, scenic, sensible group riding and family oriented fellowship
T Teaching the public, our children and grandchildren about responsible biking while promoting a positive image
A Always willing to actively help others including members and those less fortunate while promoting STAR. Always treating others equally and fairly.
R Respect for others no matter their life style, beliefs, or opinions without discrimination, dissention or arguments. Ready to protect, promote, and uphold the Chapter Charter, By Laws and Guidelines.