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  STAR Vets and the Patriot Guard
The International STAR Council in a unanimous decision has voted to prohibit the wearing of any “STAR Chapter Vest” or STAR back patch at any Patriot Guard event that requires our members to block, deter, or otherwise adjoin to prohibit or limit the actions of any individual or protester at said event. Said patch or vest will only be allowed to the gathering zone for the event and after leaving the event and once outside of the media coverage the vest or patch can be put back on.

Although we applaud the actions of the Patriot Guard Riders, we cannot in all good conscience expose the members or our organization to any action, civil or criminal, that may arise as a result of our participation in said event.

The International STAR Council understands that our members are well intended, however there is no known way for us to predict how any of our members, or the countless others on either side of these types of protests will conduct themselves when tempers flair.

We have consulted with our organization’s insurance underwriter and they concur that exposing the organization to the possibility of legal action no matter how slight, would not be in our best interest.

Our responsibility to the members is to not only protect their rights, but to protect the organization at all costs. A similar stance has also been adopted or being considered by other riding organizations, example the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

Jerry Deon, our National STAR Vets Representative, is in full support of our decision and he has decided like many others, to participate in a Patriot Guard event of this nature as private citizens to limit our organization’s exposure to frivolous litigations.


Just so you understand, the way this is written you can wear your vests to a PGR event as long as no opposing protest groups are attending.

Poker runs, charity events, etc are not included in this and you can attend freely, this only covers PGR events where conflict may boil up.

Our insurance underwriters were very clear on this.


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