Welcome to Star Chapter 230, Orange County. Let's Ride!
New Rider Checklist
The following checklist outlines the items that a Chapter Shepherd will go over when mentoring a new rider.
  • Motorcycle Waiver and Release Form:  Make sure the form is filled out completely.  No alcohol or drugs on rides
  • The Ride:  All rides begin and end at Mission Motorsports unless otherwise indicated by the President.
  • Full Tank of Gas?  If not, have the new rider fill up immediately (gas station at Lake Forest & Research).  It is advisable to ride with them to the gas station.
  • Keep the Group Tight:  No big gaps between motorcycles.  Ideally, we do not want cars entering our group, but in the event a driver signals to change lanes through the group, allow them to do so.  If the group gets separated because of a traffic signal, explain regroup to the New Rider.
  • Hand & Leg Signals:  Discuss the following hand signals and appropriate rider responsibility:  Right and left lane change, Right and left rear fill, single file, staggered formation, debris in roadway (point with leg or hand), bicycle on shoulder.  Pass signals back and make sure rider behind gets the signal. Side by side at traffic stops.  DO NOT CHANGE LANES WITHOUT LOOKING!    
  • TAP OUT:  Explain to New Rider the purpose of Tap Out and Tail Gunner responsibility.  Do not pass Tap Out signal back. 
  • Discuss the ride, destination, lunch & gas stops:  Tell the New Rider to ride within their capabilities.  Some New Riders may have never experienced group rides.  At breaks, gas up and take bathroom break, but listen up for the Road Captain to announce eminent departure.  Shepherds will stay with New Rider the entire ride, including lunch.  This allows the New Rider to ask questions concerning the ride, Chapter 230 and any other concerns.  Make the New Rider feel at home.
  • 1st Ride:  Shepherd will be positioned in formation in front of New Rider.  New Rider positioned behind the Shepherd.  New Rider will be able to observe and follow the Shepherds lead.
  • 2 & 3rd Rides:  Shepherd positioned to rear of New Rider to observe riding habits and use of hand signals.