Welcome to Star Chapter 230, Orange County. Let's Ride!
New Riders

Welcome - if you are new to us or are riding with us for the first time this year - click on the document to the right to open and print the Ride Waiver. Fill it out and bring it with you on your first ride along with proof of insurance and your driver's license.

During your first few rides you will be assigned a Shepherd to help familiarize you with us, our hand signals, and group positioning. Click here to view the new rider checklist which your Shepherd will use during your first few rides with us.


Meeting Place

All our monthly chapter rides begin and end at Huntington Beach Honda. They are located at: 17555 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647.


Bike Nights
We have a Bike Night on the fourth Thursday night of each month at Portillo's Hot Dogs - 8390 La Palma Ave. Buena Park. Our bike nights are informal dinners from 5:30pm -7:30pm.
Patch Placement
Basic Vest

The STAR back patch should be placed in the center of the back of the vest. The Chapter rocker should be placed flush to the bottom of the back patch leaving no gap, which will give the appearance of a one-piece design. You cannot wear two lower rockers. You cannot wear a Chapter rocker with out a Back Patch.

Wing patches (Vet Wing, LOS Wing, Tin Star Wing or Starfire Wing) may be placed either above or below the back patch and rocker. No other bike association patch can be worn on a STAR vest. No rocker or upper patch will be designed to fit flush at the top of the back patch. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The small STAR arm/vest patch should be placed on the left side of the chest in line with the center of the arm. The patch should be placed at a slight angle while lying flat. It is designed to be straight while the vest is on.
Small rockers (bike name, chapter position or custom design) should be placed flush to the bottom of this patch, again leaving no gap. The arm/vest patch may also be put on the left sleeve of your jacket.

Vets Vest

STAR Vets patch should be placed on the right side of the chest directly across from the arm/vest patch, and must also be put on at a slight angle. The Branch of Service is laser-cut to fit against the bottom of the patch. The bottom of this rocker should hang in line with the bottom of the vest.

Chapter patches can be placed on the right if you are not a STAR Vet; we have additional patches that may also be placed here. If you have the STAR Vet patch you may place the Chapter patch in a location of your choice keeping in mind the guidelines above.