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  President's Ride Recaps
 November Chapter Ride - USS Midway


Saturday, July 6, 2019 was a good day for a destination ride down to San Diego from Orange County.  The weather was warm and the traffic light as our group headed south after our meeting at Mission Motor Sports in Irvine.  Since this was a destination ride to the USS Midway we unfortunately didn’t incorporate any twists and turns in our route to the ship.

Upon arriving at the USS Midway we discovered that they were allowing veterans free admission to the museum.  None of us knew this beforehand so several members who are veterans donated their admission.  Parking was easily accommodated for our bikes in the parking lot directly in from of the ship.  On board we discovered the Midway has opened up more areas on different levels for guests to explore. 

Lunch was enjoyed aboard the ship in a café on the hanger deck due to the main restaurant being closed for renovation.  All that came had a good time and learned more about aircraft carrier life from the docents and a little bit from 230’s President who served for 11 months on the flight deck of the Midway from 1972 -1973.

Although it was a relatively short ride up and back on the I-5 freeway without the usual mountain roads, hairpin curves and 300 mile round trip, the ride was fun with good friends of Star 230 Orange County.
Great ride, great fun, great friends. 

 Chapter Overnighter - Jacumba

Star Touring Orange County joined with Temecula Chapter 527 to travel overnight to Jacumba Resort and Spa in San Diego County this past weekend.  The ride from Orange County was filled with twists and curves, two lane back roads and spectacular views.  No freeways for this group!  All that gathered for this epic adventure enjoyed the tight turns and sweeping curves along with the joyous camaraderie.   Although our morning ride over the Ortega Highway dipped to a chilly 50 degrees the weather further south was in a very comfortable range making our adventure all that more enjoyable.  Lunch was at the Grand Ole BBQ in Flinn Springs where we enjoyed great food with a casual environment.  We arrived at the resort in late afternoon, checked in quickly, then began our lively discussions drinking cool-aid and milk.

Our return trip was just a beautiful as the ride south.  A bit windy in places but with warm comfortable weather and uncluttered open two lane roads.  Overall we had a great weekend with great friends enjoying what we love to do.  Riding, having Fun with Friends which we will Repeat.

A special thank you to Don Carter, Chapter 230 Lead Ride Captain for his excellent planning and leading our group safely to and from our destination.

 September Chapter Ride - Sunrise Highway

It was a beautiful Saturday, cooler than the previous few days.  A great day for a long ride.  Star 230 grouped up at Mission Motorsports with our premier ride captain Ken Indorf leading our party on a new route through Sunrise Highway in the Laguna mountains and around Lake Quyamuca.  A big thank you to Don Carter and Mike Fry for planning and executing the route. Traffic was light except for a couple of cars trying to occupy the same space on the southbound I-5 when we first entered the freeway.  Once through the slow traffic created by the looky-loos it was smooth sailing.  This route had lots of twisties and curves for our riding pleasure. 

The road through Julian and into the Laguna mountains was perfect and beautiful.  Luckily we didn't get stuck behind any slow moving trucks or motor homes so we were able to make full use of the open roads, tight turns and long sweeping curves.  The temperatures at 5000 feet elevation stayed about 90 degrees which was very comfortable riding weather. 

We arrived at our lunch stop, Major's Diner, in Pine Valley where they had our table set up for us.  Lunch was wonderful and the service excellent.  After our meals we continued down the road making a brief stop to enjoy the views at Kwaaymii Point.  The remaining ride back to civilization was as good as the one leaving.  Checking Google it appeared the route on the northbound I-5 was backed up, so at our final gas stop at Pala Casino where we decided to call the ride over.  We logged approximately 266 miles however the route and ride was so much fun it seemed much shorter.  Another great ride with great friends from Star 230.

 August Chapter Ride - Al & Susie's House BBQ

Saturday, August 3rd was a beautiful day for a costal ride.  We had a good turnout for our monthly meeting with a return visitor.  The 50/50 drawing and the raffle were not held at the meeting rather it was done at Al Piwonka’s home where we had our summer party.

Two groups were formed and we headed for the coast with 12 riders.  The weather was cool and comfortable with light traffic.  Tracey Carter led group two on her third Ride Captain training ride with Paul McInerny and Mike Fry as her monitoring Tail Gunners.  The route took us south along Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach through Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach to Dana Point Harbor where we enjoyed a brief respite while watching the boats, boarders and people enjoying recreational activities on a beautiful summer day.   The second leg of our route took us inland through San Clemente and the Orange County foot hills and canyons where we enjoyed some twisties and tree shaded two lane roads.  The whole route was about 80 miles which made our arrival at our party location just about noon for lunch.  Tracey Carter completed her training and was awarded her Ride Captain rocker, with much applause, as 230’s first female ride captain.  Congratulations Tracey Carter!

Al and Susie Piwonka provided a wonderful setting for a delicious buffet of shredded beef sandwiches, potato and macaroni salads with a variety of drinks, cookies, snacks and Root beer floats for desert. Although they were given a budget of $250.00 from the chapter, they supplied just about everything for the party, including the location, with no cost or reimbursement from Chapter 230.  Cash donations were offered however they refused any and all offers.  Thank you to Al and Susie Piwonka for their hospitality and generosity which is and will continue to be greatly appreciated by all Star 230 members!  Thanks to all who donated raffle gifts as well.  It was a great turn out, great ride and fun with friends!
 July Chapter Ride - Ventura Harbor

It was a great day for a ride up the coast along Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu to Ventura Harbor.  The weather was warm when we left Mission Motorsports in Irvine, although overcast along the beach it remained warm and comfortable all day.
We started our meeting Mission Motorsports welcoming Bob Barbano who unexpectedly showed up.  We all were happy to see him attend. Tracey Carter is training to be a ride captain and with Bob's memory of 230's history we recognized her as being the first 230 female ride captain-to-be. 

Although this was a July 4th holiday weekend, and the traffic on the pre-ride was horrific, we were blessed with light traffic both on the 405 freeway and through Malibu and Ventura both ways.  The ride was pleasant and fun.  We did have a Harley group of about six other motorcycle riders pass us on PCH weaving in and out of our group and passing on the right which was not only dangerous but extremely rude and disrespectful. They are the type of riders that give motorcyclist a bad reputation and cause accidents.  Thank goodness STAR 230 is much more safe, courteous and professional.

There was no waiting for lunch at Margaritaville in Ventura and service was good.  On our way back to Orange County the cloud cover began to break making our return trip that much more pleasant.  We decided to call the ride at the last gas stop just in case traffic on the 405 turned out to be bumper to bumper but it wasn't.  Great ride, great fun, great friends!
 June Chapter Ride - Liberty Station/San Diego

June gloom this year was especially dull for our June 1st ride to Liberty Station in San Diego.  Just getting to our meeting location at Mission Motorsports in Irvine was a drippy misty ride and it seemed to stay that way all day.  We had a small group but were blessed with a couple new riders, Madison Woolworth and Garrett Onufer who joined us for our adventure.  Scott Komie came with his new purchase, a 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, a beautiful motorcycle. 

We still have some 230 members who are struggling with significant health issues and wish them good health and healing. 

After our short meeting and excellent rendition of happy birthday singing to Dennis Hobin we formed into one group and headed south on the I-5 freeway lead by our new Ride Captain trainee Tracey Carter.  Traffic was light so it was a comfortable misty ride to our first stop at the rest area for a quick break then continuing south to Del Mar.  Riding down Pacific Coast Highway traffic was also light probably due to the heavy overcast and thick wet air.  We all negotiated the ride down to Del Mar Beach without any issues.  The rest of our ride to Liberty Station was easy-peasey.  We stopped at the USS Never Sail for a few pictures where we decided to officially end the ride because of our small group and Madison and Garrett were heading to Ocean Beach to check out a new restaurant.  We thanked them for joining us wished them safe travels. Although we ended the ride officially, the rest of us stayed as a group, had lunch at Liberty station then headed back to Orange County.  It was gloomy and misty all day but our spirits and enjoyment of the opportunity to ride together were bright and sunny.  And, you would never have known Tracey Carter was training as Ride Captain, she was great!

 May Chapter Ride - Angeles Crest

Saturday, May 4, 2019 was a great day for a ride through the San Gabriel mountains along the Angeles Crest Highway.  The weather was warm when we left Mission Motorsports in Irvine, cooler in the mountains and warm again in Wrightwood.

Our meeting at Mission Motorsports started with a selection and vote on our Star 230 Orange County motto.  There were 72 entries submitted giving our members plenty of options to choose for the contest.  The final selection was made by the group which was submitted by Vice President Ken Indorf "Ride, Fun, Friends …Repeat".  Ken was awarded the $100.00 donated by Greg Schedcik and Paul McInerny which he immediately donated back to the chapter.  Thank you Ken!

Several Star 230 members are dealing with significant health challenges.  We are all wishing them well and hoping for a quick and complete recovery from their illnesses.
Two groups were formed, one led by Ken Indorf the other by Mike Fry.  Our route took us through Pasadena on the 210 freeway which lived up to its reputation for stop and go traffic caused this time by two big rigs colliding on the eastbound side of the freeway and a truck fire on the westbound side.  The ride up Angeles Crest Highway and across Angeles Forest Highway was twisty fun with light traffic.  The roads to Wrightwood were clear with little traffic and also a joy to ride on.  Grizzly Café in Wrightwood was set up and waiting for our arrival with outside seating in the warm sun.  The food and service was excellent.  A big thank you to the café for their cooperation and patience with our 30 minute delayed arrival.

After our last gas stop we headed south on the SR-15 to take Ortega Highway back to Mission Motorsports.  Due to the traffic delay on the 210 freeway and the anticipated back up on the I-15 south of the Riverside Freeway (which proved to be accurate)  we decided to end the ride at Ortega Highway and Antonio Parkway.  Overall, the ride was wonderful with great friends, good weather and lots of curvy roads for our enjoyment.  Thank you to all who participated, especially the ride crew who made this another safe and successful Star 230 ride.
  April Chapter Ride - Oak Glen

It didn’t rain on today’s ride, in fact, the sun was out and the temperature warmed up nicely in the first hour of riding. Thirteen bikes with 14 riders departed our supporting dealership, Mission Motorsports at 9:10 AM with Ed P. as our Ride Captain and Mike F. and Al. P as Tail gunners. The ride south on Interstate 5 to Ortega Highway was uneventful and we exited the highway as a group.  It got a little interesting as we started over the hills toward Lake Elsinore. This 2 lane road does not have passing lanes long enough for the group to pass a slow or dangerous vehicle so we are forced to be observers of some pretty bad driving. Today was no exception. The car in front of Ed was just slow in the beginning and as the curves became sharper was observed to drift from the white line and into the opposing lane time after time. Not sure what he was on, but we just had to keep our distance and just follow till the road ended. Fortunately, the driver did not hit anything and made a right turn and we turned left.

Our first gas stop at the 15 freeway and CA-74 allowed some riders to remove a layer of clothes and purchase some very expensive gas ($3.79 / gallon). We continued North on I-215 to the Ramona Expressway / Cajalco Expressway exit.  We then passed Perris Reservoir and into the sweet smell of the dairy farms of the Moreno Valley. The turn onto Beaumont Avenue (CA-79) toward Beaumont was a pleasant change to well paved 4 lane road that started climbing toward the mountains. We finally got the intact group through the gauntlet of 7-10 intersection stop signs in Beaumont through Cherry Valley and hit some nice twisties before arriving at Apple Annies Restaurant in Oak Glen, CA around 11:45 AM. Parking this time was no problem at all as we all gut rock star spots (right in front of the restaurant).

The chef greeted us as we were being seated and announced that he had been preparing his Saturday Special, all you can eat spare ribs, since Thursday morning. They were fall off the bone tender and delicious! Everyone claimed they were totally full when we finally left at around 1 PM. No bikes received scratches or dents from the parking lot pavement this time as we had plenty of room to maneuver and navigate the very steep slopes and narrow lanes and no cars stopping in our path for no reason at all.

The ride down the hill the final gas stop was smooth and uneventful. The I-210 however, proved to be a challenge to our slow riding skills as the traffic was backed up for 3 miles for no observable reason. Once past the mess, we proceeded to the CA-71, Carbon Canyon Road and eventually to I-5 for the return to Mission Motorsports at about 3:20 PM with most of the members we started out with. A total of 5 riders left the group before we arrived back at Mission Motorsports. Ed said he now knows what Don C. feels like when his riders disappear on the way home. With no additional Chapter 230 business to address, your V.P. called the ride when we arrived safely and together.
   Chapter Overnighter - Pasa Robles

Our ride to Paso Robles was a great adventure.  We all (5 of us) met at the Starbucks in Orange for KSU at 7:30am. Although it was Friday, the traffic on the 405 was light with few slowdowns.  The ride up the coast through Malibu was also pleasant with light traffic.  We continued up the 101 freeway taking the cutoff through Lake Cachuma on the 154.  The lake was blue and full and beautiful with green hills everywhere.  Back on the 101 we continued to Nipomo where we made a interesting stop at the Loofa Farm.  Upon arrival we were given a brief tour of the green houses where we learned all about how Loofa are grown on vines.  There are a lot of interesting oddities about Loofa that we were told about.  Ken Indorf was particularly interested in why the Loofa were randomly different.

After the Loofa farm we stopped at a local deli for some much needed nutrition then continued up the 101 to our destination in Paso Robles at the Adelaide Inn. Dinner was Pizza and planning for the next day.  We decided to visit the San Antonio Mission at the Hunter-Liggett Army base with KSU at 8:30am.  Although there was a light rain coming down we carried on through the wetness with little discomfort.  Once we exited the 101 north the weather began to clear.  Upon arrival at the mission the entrance was a dirt muddy road but we all plowed through throwing mud and muck on our otherwise clean bikes.  The mission was undergoing some renovations and had some interesting historical artifacts and information that made the ride well worth it.

Upon leaving the mission we headed west on the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road toward the coast.  The road is mostly a single lane unmarked paved road winding through the mountains through forests and meadows.  Because of the recent rains the rivers were fully flowing and the floral was in abundance.  Beautiful colors, twisties too numerous to count and spectacular views adorned our slow cautious ride to the summit before we descended to PCH from our 2700 foot elevation down the hair-pin curves.  Arriving to PCH safely we drove south along the coast and stopped at Ragged Point for a much deserved lunch. Back to Paso Robles we returned along the 46 arriving back at our hotel around 4pm. 

Sunday morning was cold and dry.  We left at 8:00am with a temperature of 36 degrees.  South on the 101 to the 58 we headed west.  The hills between the 101 and the I-5 along the 58 were spectacularly blooming with so many vibrant colors of wild flowers we could barely keep our eyes on the road.  The 58 ride was nothing short of amazing!  We rode the I-5 home with reasonably light traffic ending our weekend trip with a wonderful 740 miles behind us.
   March Chapter Ride - Palm Springs Air Museum

Unfortunately, our planned ride through Palm Springs Air Museum was preempted again by foul weather.  Since this was our third month of rain on a chapter ride Saturday we decided to make up the ride on Saturday, March 9th.  Once our monthly business was finished we retired to our usual breakfast location, CoCo's restaurant for some breakfast and commiseration about being rained out again.

Saturday, March 9th turned out to be a dry day with some patchy clouds and cool weather.   We had 13 bikes and two groups for our make-up ride to the air museum.  The ride went smoothly and as planned until we started through the bad lands on SR-60 east towards the I-10 east where we were stopped with bumper to bumper traffic for about 45 minutes.  Once through the mess we made it to our destination however our time was cut short due to the traffic delay. After lunch and some interesting chats with the docents, KSU was at 1:30PM when we started up the Palms to Pines Highway back on our route.  The temperature was chilly over the mountain but the ride was great.

Because of our delay we called the ride at our last gas stop to allow everyone to go their own way home before dark because this was the last day of Daylight Savings Time before our clocks sprang forward.  Thanks to Ken for leading group one while I (Scott) led group two.  It was a safe and fun ride finally after all this unusual rain in southern California.

    February Chapter Ride - Fallbrook/DeLuz

Unfortunately,  our planned ride through Fallbrook/DeLuz was preempted again by foul weather, namely; more rain. Rain continued from Friday into Saturday so we had ittle choice but to cancel our scheduled ride. We met at our usual location Mission Motorsports to conduct business. No February birthdays were sung this month. The March chapter ride is scheduled to be to the Palm Springs Air Museum on March 2nd, Bike night is scheduled for February 21st at Uncle Pete's Cafe at 14276 Beach Blvd., Westminster.

Mike Fry presented his Treasurer's report and Dan Beach won the 50/50 drawing. Richard Von Luft, Mike Fry, Johnny Harper, and Dan Beach won the raffle drawings.

    January Chapter Ride - USS Midway, San Diego

Unfortunately, our planned ride to the USS Midway in San Diego with Chapter 527 - Temecula was preempted by foul weather, namely: a lot of rain.  Weather reports indicated rain up and down the southwest coast so we had little choice but to cancel our scheduled ride.  The good news is that we had plenty of extra time to complete our business of presenting rockers to our past officers, Mike Fry, Susan Palaoro, and Mike and Leslie Regner and now Past President Ed Palaoro.  Ed and his team for 2018 and beyond deserve a great big "Thank You" for many years of selfless service to Star Touring, and our Orange County Chapter 230.

I (Scott Hamilton, your new president for 2019), presented my team with their rockers as follows:

Vice President - Ken Indorf
Sergeant At Arm  - Ed Palaoro
Treasurer - Mike Fry
Secretary -Tracey Carter
Lead Road Captain - Don Carter
Lead Tail Gunner - Paul McInerny
Lead Shepherd - Al Piwonka
Webmaster - Susan Palaoro
Raffle Man - Scott Komie
Bike Night Coordinator - Richard Von Luft 
Once the 2019 Ride Waivers were completed, the Charter read and signed, Happy birthday sung to Larry Barton and Raffle and 50/50 prizes presented to Al Piwonka, Mike Fry, Glen Sandstrum and Bob Barbano (the 3x winner today) we all retired to the CoCo's Restaurant for some well deserved breakfast and fellowship.  Our ride planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 13, 2019 at Ken and Gail Indorf's home. 





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