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  President's Ride Recaps

 March Chapter Ride - Bouquet Canyon / Angeles Forest Highway

March 2020 Chapter Ride to Bouquet Canyon

The weather reports have been pretty iffy all week.  I woke up early on ride day to check the weather again; 20% chance of rain.  I figured that leaves an 80% chance of no rain so I e-mailed the chapter saying “Let’s Ride!”

12 bikes showed up for our final meeting at Mission Motorsports.  We even had two visitors; Jeff Costa on his second ride and Frank Yoon on his first.  Franks’ red Roadliner looked familiar as he recently bought it from our own Stan Partin.  It was Richard Von Luft’s 82nd birthday but Paul McInerny stole the show by winning 3 of the 4 raffle prizes.

We lined up in two groups led by Ken Indorf and myself.  Doug Cort, Glen Sandstrom, Scott Hamilton, and Al Piwonka did the tailgunning.  Scott and Al did double duty by shepherding the visitors as well.

Bouquet Canyon was fun, twisty and cold.  Lunch was a bit of an adventure due to the proprietor’s fun personality.  After lunch, we rode up Angeles Forest Highway.  It was funner, twistier, and colder.  I’d forgotten what a great motorcycle road this was. 

At the last gas stop, everyone agreed it was another great Chapter 230 ride and we thanked Ken Indorf for planning the ride.  FYI, the only rain we encountered was a few seconds of slight misting.

Next month we ride Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County.

Don Carter

 February Chapter Ride - Borrego Springs

February 2020 Chapter Ride to Borrego Springs

I have always loved BS (pun intended).  For many years, I endured the seemingly endless twisty roads through Borrego Springs (BS) on my way to go 4-wheeling in the desert.  Later, Tracey and I would endure the endlessly twisty roads to go on mini golf vacations in BS.  When we started riding, the endlessly twisty roads became a great reason for a day ride to Borrego Springs. 

February 1, 2020 dawned sunny and clear.  The parking lot at Mission Motorsports was full of shiny chrome motorcycles and people eager to go for a ride.  After coffee and doughnuts, courtesy of Mission Motorsports, we started with business as usual with a special visit from our STAR Ambassador, Mark Madden. Mark gave a brief talk about STAR Touring & Riding and the upcoming September STAR Days in Las Vegas. Greg Schedcik, Doug Cort, Glenn Sandstrom all won raffle prizes with Mike Fry taking home the 50/50 jackpot.

We split our eleven bikes into two groups headed by Mike Fry and myself; Paul McInerny, Greg Schedcik, Ken Indorf, and Al Piwonka served as tailgunners.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer riding weather as we carved the turns on the way to BS.  After checking out some of the amazing metal sculptures that abound in the Borrego area, we had a great lunch in town.  Many more twists and turns put us in Temecula where we called the ride and said our goodbyes.  Some opted to head for home via the i-15 and 91 freeways while most of us just had to get a few more twists and turns by heading home via Ortega Highway. 

Next Month we ride Bouquet Canyon in the Santa Clarita area.


    January Chapter Ride - Old Town, San Diego

January 04, 2020, Chapter Ride to Old Town, San Diego

The first ride of 2020 to Old Town San Diego is now in the books.  The January Meeting took longer than usual due to beginning of the year business, but eventually we headed outside into a beautiful, clear, Southern California winter day.  We split the 14 bikes into two groups.  Group 1 was led by Ken Indorf with Doug Cort and Greg Shedcik tailgunning.  Group 2 was led by myself with Paul McInerny and Mike Fry filling the tailgunner positions.  We also had a returning guest, Jeff Costa, whom we hope to see again.  The trip south on I-5 was uneventful as the traffic was light due to the holiday season.  There wasn’t even a single tour bus at the rest area.  Lunch at the Old Town Mexican Café was excellent and the portions were HUGE!  After lunch, we wandered to the Old Town Model Railroad Depot.  The attention to detail and the subtle humor displayed delighted everyone.  Back on the bikes and up the 163 and I-15 freeways where we called the ride in Temecula, then some fun twisties across Ortega Highway in time for everyone to get home before dark.  All in all, a great day to put some miles on the bikes with good friends and food.







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