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  Ride Recaps
    January Chapter Ride - USS Midway, San Diego


Unfortunately, our planned ride to the USS Midway in San Diego with Chapter 527 - Temecula was preempted by foul weather, namely: a lot of rain.  Weather reports indicated rain up and down the southwest coast so we had little choice but to cancel our scheduled ride.  The good news is that we had plenty of extra time to complete our business of presenting rockers to our past officers, Mike Fry, Susan Palaoro, and Mike and Leslie Regner and now Past President Ed Palaoro.  Ed and his team for 2018 and beyond deserve a great big "Thank You" for many years of selfless service to Star Touring, and our Orange County Chapter 230.

I (Scott Hamilton, your new president for 2019), presented my team with their rockers as follows:

Vice President - Ken Indorf
Sergeant At Arm  - Ed Palaoro
Treasurer - Mike Fry
Secretary -Tracey Carter
Lead Road Captain - Don Carter
Lead Tail Gunner - Paul McInerny
Lead Shepherd - Al Piwonka
Webmaster - Susan Palaoro
Raffle Man - Scott Komie
Bike Night Coordinator - Richard Von Luft 
Once the 2019 Ride Waivers were completed, the Charter read and signed, Happy birthday sung to Larry Barton and Raffle and 50/50 prizes presented to Al Piwonka, Mike Fry, Glen Sandstrum and Bob Barbano (the 3x winner today) we all retired to the CoCo's Restaurant for some well deserved breakfast and fellowship.  Our ride planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 13, 2019 at Ken and Gail Indorf's home. 





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