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  Ride Recaps
August Chapter Ride - Mt Palomar


Well another month of high temps, but they were expected to stay in the mid 90’s so a group of 17 members gathered at Mission Motorsports for our ride to Mt Palomar.  After a riding skills demonstration from Paul McInerny on Ken Indorf’s new to him Goldwing, we all followed the pink boxes of donuts into Mission Motorsports. (BTW, there was a little bit of peg scraping lol). 

After a little bit of mingling and chatting, the group headed upstairs for our meeting.  We were happy to see Larry Barton back with us for the ride – welcome back Larry!  It was a normal meeting with birthdays (Scott Hamilton and Dan Beach!!!), calendar discussion, and the raffle and 50/50.  Congrats to all the winners!  After the meeting, we all gathered in the parking lot and saddled up for our ride.

We headed down the 5 south, with a quick stop at the rest stop, then down and off at the 76 east.  For once and probably only once, we made all green lights off the freeway and down to Pala.  Our first gas stop was at the Pala Casino Gas station.  It was already over 90, so the important task was hydrating – lots of water!  Once we were gassed up, and hydrated, we continued down the 76.

For those of you who have made this ride, it’s pretty simple. You take the 76 all the way out until you get to the left turn on South Grade road up to Mt Palomar.  It’s not a complicated route, but it’s a beauty; lots of twisties and great views. Finally, we got to the top of the mountain and a quick stop to fill up ourselves, and our water bottles, with more water.  Somewhere during the ride, Greg Schedcik was stung by a bee on his hand – ouch!  (it should be noted that Susan was stung on the pre-ride – maybe the bees are gunning for us lol).  Once hydrated, we headed back down the mountain and then continued on the 76 to the 79 and down into Santa Ysabel for lunch.

Our lunch stop was familiar, the Apple Country Restaurant.  They were ready for us with the table setup and the same server that helped us on the pre-ride.  Of course, everyone was excited – there was pie!  Lunch was great and it was nice to sit in the air conditioning (maybe, maybe just a lot of fans, not sure).  We all downed a lot of water, and then we were back on the bikes and on our way.

We headed back up the 79, around the back of Palomar, and into Temecula.  We had our last gas stop in Temecula.  It was here that I decided to call the ride.  The temps were brutal and I thought it best to let everyone go home from there.  After gassing up, the group headed out together, and we made our way up the 15 to Baxter.  We rode around Lake Elsinore and then made the left on the 74 to head over Ortega and out to the 5.  People dropped of a few at a time as we went.  From the 5 I headed up the 73 with a few riders, and the rest continued on the 5 and all home.

Next Month, Five Lakes!  See you there!

 July Chapter Ride - North San Diego County

Before I even got onto the bike and wheeled it out of the garage I knew it was going to be a hot day – a really hot day.  The decision had pretty much been made the night before, but as I rode into Mission, it was obvious that everyone was onboard – we would not be riding today.  Our ride was scheduled to go through the roads of North San Diego County where the temps were forecasted to be in the 110+ range.  Everyone stood outside in the shade except for going in for donuts and coffee – eventually we all made out way up to the conference room for the chapter meeting – the only subject for the day was the heat!  After the meeting, we all adjourned with a few of us going to Coco’s for breakfast and the rest heading home to air conditioning. 

See you next month for Mt Palomar!

  June Chapter Ride - Palms-to-Pines

Looks like the May gray is gone and the morning started out with blue skies and nice temps – 65 degrees. I arrived to a small group ready for our ride out to Palms-to-Pines;  out freeway to Palm Desert (Palms) down the 74 all the way to the mountains (Pines) and then back to Irvine (Palms again).  We milled around looking at the new toys on the sales floor – boats and jet skis, and then headed up for our meeting.

I think that the predicted heat in Palm Desert was a deterrent for most, and so we were a small group and with that the meeting moved along pretty quick.  Regular business, discussion on hydration, and then the raffle and the 50/50 then we were adjourned and headed back downstairs.

We were only 12 bikes, so we were one group with me leading.  Once saddled up, we headed out up the 5 to the 55, the 91, the 215, to the 60/10 and out to our first gas stop in Cabazon.  By now the temps were well in to the 80s, so a lot of clothes were shed as we prepared for the heat.  

Once we were all gassed up and hydrated, we continued on down the 10 and out past Palm Springs, and then lunch in Rancho Mirage at the Red Robin. We all scattered in the parking lot to get those spots that were in the shade.  Just in time – it was bumping up against triple digits and we were all ready for air conditioning and lots of cold water.  I can’t thank the folks at Red Robin enough.  They provided great service – quick and not a single miss order. 

After lunch we all filled up our water bottles, saddled up and headed out down through town then onto the 74. There were a few twisties as we made our way through the San Jacinto Mountains and the temperatures dropped down into the mid 80s making it an enjoyable stretch.  Eventually we dropped down into Hemet and back into the heat.

Our last gas stop was in Hemet.  It was in the upper 90’s but, I was glad to know that it wasn’t going to get any hotter than that.  We all gassed up and filled up our water bottles, then headed back down through Hemet, then left on Winchester, and then left on Domenigoni Parkway (don’t ask me to pronounce it lol).  We rode down through Menifee, then dropped down to Lakeshore and around Lake Elsinore.  As usual, we rode down around and then up Grand and onto Ortega Highway and out to the 5 North.

I will say we were pretty lucky all day.  We were never stopped in traffic and only stuck behind one truck on Ortega, and they were actually moving pretty well so all in all a great day!  We arrived at Mission Motorsports and most walked immediately into the showroom to cool off – although it was only in the 80’s when we got there.  There was no pressing business, so I called the ride! 

Next month, North San Diego County! See you there!

  May Chapter Ride - Devil's Punchbowl

What a beautiful day to ride!  The skies were clear and bright right off as we rode down to Mission.  As usual, we were not the first to arrive, but we were early – guess I was excited to be back on the bike after a short break.  As usual, we all headed inside to look at the new bikes (the white Goldwing is being fought after by many) and get some coffee and donuts. Was great to see Vincent Turner – been a few months – love riding with that guy!  A lot of members are on vacations or waiting on bike repairs, so we were a smaller than usual group – so once we were all assembled, we headed upstairs for our meeting. 

Usual meeting, hats for sale, raffle tickets for sale, overnighter information, etc.  A little discussion about what happens after an overnighter ride is called – and some discussion on the fact it was a sunny day and everyone would be out there – oh, and it was Cinco de Mayo too! 

After the meeting we all headed downstairs to assemble into one group of eleven bikes with Don Carter leading, and Scott Hamilton and Ken Indorf as tail-gunners.  We saddled up and we were off up the 5 North to the 57 and onto the 210 west on our way to La Canada/Flintridge. 

Our first stop was the usual Shell station in La Canada at the end of Angeles Crest.  We were sharing the station with a large group of riders on Groms and other 150-250 CC bikes.  A few were a lot smaller than the rider should have required – lol!  Not sure where they came from or where they were riding to but it was interesting. 

Once we were all gassed up, we headed up Angeles Crest and out for a full day of twisties through the mountains ending at Devil’s Punchbowl.  We were pretty lucky that there were no slow cars in our path – although there were a lot of cars and bikes on the road.  We had a great group of riders who all fell into a great rhythm making the ride really enjoyable. 

At Devil’s Punchbowl we all settled in for our sack lunches on the picnic tables in the shade.  The view was awesome.  After lunch we toured the visitor’s center and wandered around checking out the view.  It was warming up though, so we were back on the bikes for more twisties and the ride down through Wrightwood and into Phelan.

We were supposed to stop at the Shell Station at the 15, but the freeway entrance on that side was closed, so we headed over to the Chevron on the other side so we could take advantage of the other on ramp.  Everyone filled up water bottles and gas.  

Back on the road we headed down the 15 south, past the Cajon Junction, through Ontario and Norco.  This part was long, slow and incredibly hot (over 100 for most of the day).  The freeway is (as always) under construction and they squeezed five lanes down into three causing a painful delay.  Seems like hours we were on the 15, and then suddenly it opened up.  Finally we were back up to speed, just in time to cool off, and then down into Lake Elsinore.  We exited the freeway at Lake and made our way down to the Ortega Highway.  We were able to move at a decent pace – well at least not crawling – through Ortega Highway.  We, and several cars and other bikes, were stuck behind a rather old man in a Chrysler going a rather less than conservative pace.  We were stuck behind him the whole way!  We didn’t get in front of him until we were well into San Juan Capistrano. 

Finally we were back onto the 5 north, and up to Bake Parkway and then to Mission Motorsports! 

All in all a hot, but really great ride!  Next month Palms-to-Pines – see you there!

   April Chapter Ride - Glendora Mountain Road/Crystal Lake

It was hard for me to not ride - I have just had a surgery and I am off the bike for a few weeks! I arrived at Mission Motorsports (in my truck) to a small gathering of riders eager to get out on the road. Although there had been a threat of rain - that had not materialized, so the ride was a go. So after checking out the new Goldwing once again, we headed upstairs for our meeting. We had a couple of returning riders, so waivers had to be collected.

We had a nice group of 22 riders, ready for a great day of sun, wind, and twisties. I was so sorry I was going to have to miss it. We headed up to the conference room for our meeting. I had the usual business, new hats and small lights to sell, and then the raffle and 50/50. Congrats to all the winners!

Once we finished the meeting we all headed downstairs and I wished then all a safe ride.

Thanks to Mike Fry who was kind enough to provide me with a recap of the rest of the day:


Well our April ride was full of many “firsts” for me.  My first time to lead a group as a Road Captain, my first time planning the route and my first time as VP to fill in for our President Ed, who could not make the ride.  Oh ya, and my first time to write a ride recap.  All of these “firsts” were made easier for me with the love and support of such a great Star chapter.  

I have learned so much over the years riding with Star 230’s veteran riders and I’ve discovered many amazing riding routes.  One of my favorites is the Glendora Mountains, which was this month's destination.  Once again it lived up to all of our expectations with glorious views and twisties on par with many of the greats.  As we approached our lunch destination (the quaint little Crystal Lake Cafe) the air carried the memorable sent of the deep forest.  After lunch we stopped for a photo op with a great vista.  At the end of our descent down highway 39 we took Foothill Blvd (old Route 66) through the nostalgic town of Glendora which allowed us to bypass the 210 freeway.  For our last leg of the journey the freeway traffic was relatively light with the exception of the interchanges.




We arrived at Mission Motorsports where our gracious host had hot dogs and cold drinks!  What a great day!!  I would like to thank all the friends for making this another perfect day of riding.

   March Chapter Ride - Cabrillo National Monument (rain out)

Being in California we all know that rain is a good thing - and believe me I was glad we were getting a little rain - just not when we were supposed to ride. So I had to call the ride due to inclement weather, but invited everyone down for a Chapter meeting and a "ride" to Coco's for breakfast. I was surprised by the turn-out given the situation. We had a nice group of about 20 members meet at Mission Motorsports, and even though we were all going to breakfast, there were donuts! thanks Mission! Of course we spent a great deal of time checking out the new Goldwings and the new Venture. We all headed upstairs to the conference room for the meeting.

We made our way through the usual business, still collecting ride waivers, still gathering names of those going on our overnighters, and a reminder of the time change - spring ahead! We ended the meeting with our raffle and 50/50 drawings - congratulations to all the winners.

With the meeting complete, we headed down to the parking lot and down the street to Coco's for breakfast. I can't thank Leslie Regnor enough - she came with a cake for Susan and my Anniversary. It was an amazing Italian Wedding cake, Yummmmm! Did I mention she is a Chef!

Breakfast was great. Its not often we get to sit and socialize with no real time pressure. I think every one had a great meal - Don Carter was overjoyed to have his toast with jelly (he says it like dessert at breakfast).

Slowly the crowd thinned out as people headed out to do whatever it is they do when we don't ride on a weekend. For me, well I had lights to install on my bike lol

Next month, Glendora Mountain Road! See you then.

   February Chapter Ride - Lilac/Fallbrook/DeLuz

Could not have asked for a better day for a ride.  The weather was great right from the start.  It was a little chilly on the ride down to Mission, but nothing but clear and sunny skies.  I arrived at Mission to an eager group ready for the chapter’s favorite ride through Fallbrook/DeLuz.  This is the ride, every year, where we have the best turnout.  Returning from a few years away from the Chapter was Greg Tomchick – welcome back Greg! 

As it was only the second ride of the year, we still had a few ride waivers to process and then there was the new Goldwing on the floor that everyone had to ohh and ahh over.  After coffee and donuts, raffle tickets, and good mornings, we all headed upstairs for the chapter meeting.  Aside from the usual business I have to thank Mike Fry for his awesome presentation on lane changes and hand signals – along with some great visual aids! It seemed to have sunk in too, very obvious while we were on the road during the day.  

Once the business was concluded, we all headed out to the bikes and saddled up.  We would be two groups with myself and Don Carter leading.  Thanks to Don for the great route!  A nice variation on our usual route with the addition of Lilac Canyon.  

We headed out down the 5 freeway to our first stop at the rest stop down by Camp Pendleton.   The rest stop was busy this morning – we were parked right next to a tour bus from South America.  They were very nice though – not as pushy as some of the groups – a lot of pictures though lol  I wonder how many travel photo albums we are in over the years. 

After the quick stop, we headed back out and down the 5 into Solana Beach, exiting at Lomas Santa Fe.  It was great to be off of the freeway and into some nice winding roads.  We headed inland through Rancho Santa Fe, down Del Dios Highway, past Lake Hodges, and out through San Pasqual Valley.  We seriously could not have asked for a better day to be out riding. 

We dropped down into Valley Center and our lunch stop at Fat Ivor’s Rib Rack.  This place is great!  The service was awesome and the food was even better.  I didn’t hear anyone complain about what they ordered – ribs, BBQ Pork and Beef sandwiches, burgers, it all looked really good.  The room got really quiet once the food came lol.  After lunch everyone rode across the street for gas, then back to line up for the second half of our ride. 

We headed out, continuing through Valley Center, then over through Fallbrook and into De Luz.  Lots of great twisties.  We really got into a great rhythm and it was amazing.  Eventually we dropped down into Murrieta and then onto Grand and around Lake Elsinore.  Our final set of twisties was Ortega Highway.  The Ortega dropped us back onto the 5 north and back up to Mission Motorsports.  What a great ride.

We arrived at Mission just in time for hot dogs and cold drinks!  What a great day!  Thanks again to Don Carter for a great route.  Next Month, Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego – see you there!

    January Chapter Ride - Orange Empire Train Museum

As always, our first chapter ride and meeting of the year is crazy; with new ride waivers, new officers, and of course the charter reading. I was ready for all of it. The weather was beautiful and cool - its going to be a great day.

Everyone was great and arrived with their waivers pre-filled and it was easy for us to get through the process of checking and signing off on them. Thanks to Mike and Leslie Regnor (our new Sergeant-at-Arms) for helping get those waivers processed.

After some catching up and socializing, we moved everyone up to the conference room for the meeting. There were rockers to be presented for outgoing and incoming officers and leads.

The following Officers and Leads were announced:

Ed Palaoro - President
Mike Fry- Vice President
Mike and Leslie Regnor - Sergeant-At-Arms
Susan Palaoro - Secretary/Web Master
Ken Indorf - Treasurer
Greg Schedcik- Vet Representative
Scott Hamilton - Ride Crew Lead
Linda Montgomery - Raffle Coordinator
Richard Von Luft - Bike Night Coordinator

There was the usual info on upcoming events and information. Then we settled in for the reading of the charter. Thanks to those who volunteered to read the pages and help us get through. Once the charter was read we were all downstairs to head out. We would be two groups of 19 riders with myself and Scott leading.

We headed out down the 5 to the Ortega Highway and out over the mountains. We lucked out with very little traffic so we were able to hold a nice steady pace. We dropped down into Lake Elsinore and around the lake and out to Perris. A couple of rights and lefts and we were at the train museum.

Now I have never been here and if you haven't you should. This place has over 200 trains either fully restored or in the restoration process. They are grouped by size and type. You could spend hours and hours here and not see everything. Mike Fry and I were lucky to be looking at the large steam engine when the guy who was working on the engine needed a socket and asked us to assist. So cool to watch this guy perform a tune-up on this great engine.

After a couple of hours we headed back to the bikes and saddled up to head out to lunch. We retraced our path back to the 74 and back towards Elsinore. We originally planned to have lunch at Chili's but changed to Archibald's after our pre-ride. On the pre-ride we got there too early and lucky for us ended up at the Archibald's. This place is amazing. Best food ever and great service. Once we had all finished lunch, we jumped back on the bikes and back over the Ortega Highway to the 5 and back up to Mission. Mission had hot dogs and cold drinks ready for us - thanks Mission!!!

A little bit of business and I called the ride. And that’s a great way to start off a new year! Keep an eye out for our new ride schedule due out after January 13th. See you in February!





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