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  Riding Formation
  Staggered Formation
In a Staggered Formation, Riders user two separate "Tracks" within a single lane. This formation keeps the group as tight as possible, making it easier for the leader to maneuver through traffic.


As you can see from the graphic we keep a 1-second/2-second spacing between bikes.

It is suppested that you watch this distance regularly. Use the 1/2/12 rule. Maintain that 1-second distance to the bike in the other track, 2-seconds to the bike directly in front of you and every now and then scan the road 12 seconds ahead of you to look for potential obstacles.


  Single File Formation

Like it's name, Single File Formation has all bikes roughly in the same track. This formation is typically called for by the Road Captain when the road gets narrow and starts to wind. This formation spreads the group out and allows each rider maximum room to maneuver.

Check the Hand Signals page to see the sign for single file.















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